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BCHN UniValue


A universal value class, with JSON encoding and decoding. UniValue is an abstract data type that may be a null, boolean, string, number, array container, or a key/value dictionary container, nested to an arbitrary depth. This class is aligned with the JSON standard, RFC 8259.

UniValue was originally created by Jeff Garzik and is used in node software for many bitcoin-based cryptocurrencies. BCHN UniValue is a fork of UniValue designed and maintained for use in Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN). Unlike the Bitcoin Core fork, BCHN UniValue contains large changes that improve code quality and performance. The BCHN UniValue API deviates from the original UniValue API where necessary.

Development of BCHN UniValue is fully integrated with development of Bitcoin Cash Node. The BCHN UniValue library and call sites can be changed simultaneously, allowing rapid iterations.


Like BCHN, BCHN UniValue is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Build instructions

Bitcoin Cash Node build

BCHN UniValue is fully integrated in the Bitcoin Cash Node build system. The library is built automatically while building the node.

Command to build and run tests in the BCHN build system:

ninja check-univalue

Stand-alone build

UniValue is a standard GNU autotools project. Build and install instructions are available in the INSTALL file provided with GNU autotools.

Commands to build the library stand-alone:


BCHN UniValue requires C++17 or later.