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Bitcoin ABC 0.15.1

Bitcoin ABC version 0.15.1 is now available from:

This release includes the following features and fixes:

  • Cache script validation. Backport from Core 10192 (D527, D530, D531).
  • Put back copyright notices inadvertently removed by Core (D538).
  • Add Amount class for CENT and COIN (D529).
  • Display if a node is using Cash magic in getpeerinfo (D546).
  • Use Cash magic by default when establishing connections (D547).
  • Add seeder to Bitcoin ABC repository. From Bitcoin Seeder by Pieter Wiulle. (D559, D560, D561, D562, D564, D565, D566, D568, D579, D585)
  • Ensure backupwallet fails if target is the same as source (D550).
  • Upgrade to LevelDB 1.20. Port of Core 10544 and 10958 (D580, D584).
  • Various backports from Core.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Various style fixes, code cleanups, and refactorings.