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disconnectnode JSON-RPC command

disconnectnode ( "address" nodeid )

Immediately disconnects from the specified peer node.

Strictly one out of 'address' and 'nodeid' can be provided to identify the node.

To disconnect by nodeid, either set 'address' to the empty string, or call using the named 'nodeid' argument only.


1. address    (string, optional) The IP address/port of the node
2. nodeid     (numeric, optional) The node ID (see getpeerinfo for node IDs)


> bitcoin-cli disconnectnode ""
> bitcoin-cli disconnectnode "" 1
> curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "disconnectnode", "params": [""] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'
> curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "disconnectnode", "params": ["", 1] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'

Bitcoin Cash Node Daemon version v27.0.1-7ef8bf2

Documentation on reflects the current master branch in Git, and may include API changes that are not yet present in the latest release.