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Bitcoin 0.4.6

bitcoind version 0.4.6 is now available for download.

bitcoind and Bitcoin-Qt version are also tagged in git, but it is recommended to upgrade to 0.6.1.

These are bugfix-only releases.

Please report bugs by replying to this forum thread. Note that the 0.4.x wxBitcoin GUI client is no longer maintained nor supported. If someone would like to step up to maintain this, they should contact Luke-Jr.


  • Version 0.6.0 allowed importing invalid "private keys", which would be unspendable; will now verify the private key is valid, and refuse to import an invalid one
  • Verify status of encrypt/decrypt calls to detect failed padding
  • Check blocks for duplicate transactions earlier. Fixes #1167
  • Upgrade Windows builds to OpenSSL 1.0.1b
  • Set label when selecting an address that already has a label. Fixes #1080 (Bitcoin-Qt)
  • JSON-RPC listtransactions's from/count handling is now fixed
  • Optimize and fix multithreaded access, when checking whether we already know about transactions
  • Fix potential networking deadlock
  • Proper support for Growl 1.3 notifications
  • Display an error, rather than crashing, if encoding a QR Code failed (
  • Don't erroneously set "Display addresses" for users who haven't explicitly enabled it (Bitcoin-Qt)
  • Some non-ASCII input in JSON-RPC expecting hexadecimal may have been misinterpreted rather than rejected
  • Missing error condition checking added
  • Do not show green tick unless all known blocks are downloaded. Fixes #921 (Bitcoin-Qt)
  • Increase time ago of last block for "up to date" status from 30 to 90 minutes
  • Show a message box when runaway exception happens (Bitcoin-Qt)
  • Use a messagebox to display the error when -server is provided without providing a rpc password
  • Show error message instead of exception crash when unable to bind RPC port (Bitcoin-Qt)
  • Correct sign message bitcoin address tooltip. Fixes #1050 (Bitcoin-Qt)
  • Removed "(no label)" from QR Code dialog titlebar if we have no label (
  • Removed an ugly line break in tooltip for mature transactions (
  • Add missing tooltip and key shortcut in settings dialog (part of #1088) (Bitcoin-Qt)
  • Work around issue in boost::program_options that prevents from compiling in clang
  • Fixed bugs occurring only on platforms with unsigned characters (such as ARM).
  • Rename to .sh as it is a shell script. Fixes #1099 (Bitcoin-Qt)
  • Various trivial internal corrections to types used for counting/size loops and warnings