Release notes 0.3.22

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This is largely a bugfix and TX fee schedule release. We also hope to make 0.3.23 a quick release, to fix problems that the network has seen due to explosive growth in the past week.

Notable changes: * Client will accept and relay TX's with 0.0005 BTC fee schedule (users still pay 0.01 BTC per kb, until next version) * Non-standard transactions accepted on testnet * Source code tree reorganized (prep for autotools build) * Remove "Generate Coins" option from GUI, and remove 4way SSE miner. Internal reference CPU miner remains available, but users are directed to external miners for best hash production. * IRC is overflowing. Client now bootstraps to channels #bitcoin00 - #bitcoin99 * DNS names now may be used with -addnode, -connect (requires -dns to enable)

RPC changes: * 'listtransactions' adds 'from' param, for range queries * 'move' may take account balances negative * 'settxfee' added, to manually set TX fee