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Bitcoin ABC 0.18.0

Bitcoin ABC version 0.18.0 is now available from:

This release includes the following features and fixes:

  • Remove the bip9params configuration.
  • Remove the bip9_softforks result from the getblockchaininfo RPC call.
  • Remove the rules, vbavailable and vbrequired result from the getblocktemplate RPC call.
  • Remove the rules argument from the getblocktemplate RPC call.
  • Log difference between block header time and received time when competing blocks are received for the same chain height.
  • Bump automatic replay protection to May 2019 upgrade.
  • Remove topological ordering constraint from blocks starting Nov, 15 2018.
  • Implement canonical transaction order, enforced Nov, 15 2018.
  • Add OP_CHECKDATASIG and OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY, activates Nov, 15 2018.
  • Enforce minimum transaction size of 100 bytes, starting Nov, 15 2018.
  • Enforce PUSH ONLY rule for scriptSig, starting Nov, 15 2018.
  • Enforce CLEANSTACK rule, starting Nov 15, 2018.