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Bitcoin ABC 0.19.6

Bitcoin ABC version 0.19.6 is now available from:

This release includes the following features and fixes:

  • Using addresses in createmultisig is now deprectated. Use -deprecatedrpc=createmultisig to get the old behavior.
  • Added savemempool RPC command for dumping mempool to disk.
  • Added -blocksdir command line option for saving block data to a different disk location (such as a higher-capacity HDD).
  • Fixed a few related issues where quickly shutting down bitcoind after startup would result in a crash.
  • Multiple minor node stability improvements.
  • Fixed a small memory leak.
  • Removed -nodebug option, as -debug=0 already exists as an equivalent.
  • Fixed a bug where bitcoin-cli generate would hang until completion when attempting to interrupt the process. It now shuts down cleanly as expected.