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Bitcoin ABC 0.19.9

Bitcoin ABC version 0.19.9 is now available from:

This release includes the following features and fixes:

  • Return amounts from decoderawtransaction are padded to 8 decimal places.
  • Deprecated 'softforks' information from getblockchaininfo RPC call, which had only been reporting on some very old upgrades. To keep this information, start bitcoind with the '-deprecatedrpc=getblockchaininfo' option.
  • A new -avoidpartialspends flag has been added (default=false). If enabled, the wallet will try to spend UTXO's that point at the same destination together. This is a privacy increase, as there will no longer be cases where a wallet will inadvertently spend only parts of the coins sent to the same address (note that if someone were to send coins to that address after it was used, those coins will still be included in future coin selections).
  • Add the minrelaytxfee output to the getmempoolinfo RPC.