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getdsproof JSON-RPC command

getdsproof "dspid_or_txid_or_outpoint" ( verbosity recursive )

Get information for a double-spend proof.


1. dspid_or_txid_or_outpoint    (string, required) The dspid, txid, or output point associated with the double-spend proof you wish to retrieve. Outpoints should be specified as a json object containing keys "txid" (string) and "vout" (numeric).
2. verbosity                    (numeric, optional, default=2) Values 0-3 return progressively more information for each increase in verbosity. This option may also be specified as a boolean where false is the same as verbosity=0 and true is verbosity=2.
3. recursive                    (boolean, optional, default=true) If doing a lookup by txid, then search for a double-spend proof for all in-mempool ancestors of txid as well. This option is ignored if not searching by txid.

Result (for verbosity = 0, 1, false)

{                                (json object)
  "hex" : "xx",                  (string) The raw serialized double-spend proof data.
  "txid" : "xx"                  (string) The txid of the transaction associated with this double-spend. May be null for "orphan" double-spend proofs.

Result (for verbosity = 2, true)

{                                (json object)
  "dspid" : "xx",                (string) Double-spend proof ID as a hex string.
  "txid" : "xx",                 (string) The txid of the transaction associated with this double-spend. May be null for "orphan" double-spend proofs.
  "outpoint" :                   (json object) The previous output (coin) that is being double-spent.
    "txid" : "xx",               (string) The previous output txid.
    "vout" : n ,                 (numeric) The previous output index number.

Result (additional keys if verbosity >= 1 and there is a non-orphan result)

  "descendants" :                (json array of string) Set of all descendants of the double-spend tx, including the double-spend tx.
    "txid" :                     (string) Txid hex.
    , ...

Result (additional keys if searching by txid and recursive = true)

  "path" :                       (json array of string) Path from the query tx leading up to and including the double-spend tx.
    "txid" :                     (string) Txid hex, ordered by by child->parent.
    , ...

Result (additional keys for verbosity = 3)

  "spenders" :                   (json array of object) The conflicting spends.
    {                            (json object)
      "txversion" : n,           (numeric) Transaction version number.
      "sequence" : n,            (numeric) Script sequence number.
      "locktime" : n,            (numeric) Spending tx locktime.
      "hashprevoutputs" : "xx",  (string) Hash of the previous outputs.
      "hashsequence" : "xx",     (string) Hash of the sequence.
      "hashoutputs" : "xx",      (string) Hash of the outputs.
      "pushdata" :               (json object) Script signature push data.
        "asm" : "xx",            (string) Script assembly representation.
        "hex" : "xx"             (string) Script hex.
    }, ...


> bitcoin-cli getdsproof d3aac244e46f4bc5e2140a07496a179624b42d12600bfeafc358154ec89a720c false
> bitcoin-cli getdsproof fb5ae5344cb6995e529201fe24247ac38452f4e5ab5669b649e935853a7a180a
> bitcoin-cli getdsproof fb5ae5344cb6995e529201fe24247ac38452f4e5ab5669b649e935853a7a180a true true
> bitcoin-cli getdsproof fb5ae5344cb6995e529201fe24247ac38452f4e5ab5669b649e935853a7a180a 1 false
> bitcoin-cli getdsproof '{"txid": "e66c1848fd3268a7d1cfac833f9164057805cc9b22ea5521d36dc4cf63f5fe83", "vout": 0}' true
> curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "getdsproof", "params": ["fb5ae5344cb6995e529201fe24247ac38452f4e5ab5669b649e935853a7a180a", true, false] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'
> curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "getdsproof", "params": [{"txid": "e66c1848fd3268a7d1cfac833f9164057805cc9b22ea5521d36dc4cf63f5fe83", "vout": 0}, true] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'

Bitcoin Cash Node Daemon version v27.0.1-7ef8bf2

Documentation on reflects the current master branch in Git, and may include API changes that are not yet present in the latest release.