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Currently supported Bitcoin Cash upgrades

This page lists the Bitcoin Cash upgrade proposals that have currently been implemented in Bitcoin Cash Node, along with their implementation status. Note that the Bitcoin Cash Node project co-publishes the specifications of all Bitcoin Cash upgrades through a separate repository.

For implementation status of Bitcoin (Core) proposals in Bitcoin Cash Node, see BIPs.

Network upgrades


  • CashAddr: The address format for Bitcoin Cash is implemented as of v0.16.2, with bitcoin-tx support completed in v0.21.2 (MR!274, MR!275). The preferred address format can be selected with the -usecashaddr option.
  • JSON-RPC: Bitcoin Cash Node is compatible with the JSON-RPC specification, but the JSON-RPC functionality has significantly improved since. See our JSON-RPC API documentation for an up-to-date overview of what is available in Bitcoin Cash Node.
  • Block format: Bitcoin Cash Node is compatible with the block data structure specification, albeit the transaction order has changed since the November 15th 2018 network upgrade.
  • Transaction format: Bitcoin Cash Node is compatible with the transaction data structure specification.