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Generate coverage report

Coverage measurement is typically used to gauge the effectiveness of tests. It can show which parts of your code are being exercised by tests, and which are not.


The following dependencies are required for building coverage reports:

  • c++filt
  • gcov
  • genhtml
  • lcov
  • python3

On Debian/Ubuntu

apt-get install binutils gcc lcov python3


Set ENABLE_COVERAGE when running cmake. To enable branch coverage, set ENABLE_BRANCH_COVERAGE.

  cmake -GNinja .. \


The coverage target is associated to the test target.

ninja coverage-check builds a coverage report for the check target.

ninja coverage-check-functional for the check-functional target, etc.

To get a global coverage, one can use ninja coverage-check-all or ninja coverage-check-extended.

The coverage report is generated in a folder named <target>.coverage. For example running ninja coverage-check-all will generate the report in the folder check-all.coverage.

secp256k1 standalone

 cmake -GNinja .. \
  ninja coverage-check-secp256k1