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createpsbt JSON-RPC command

createpsbt [{"txid":"hex","vout":n,"sequence":n},...] [{"address":amount},{"data":"hex"},...] ( locktime )

Creates a transaction in the Partially Signed Transaction format.
Implements the Creator role.


1. "inputs"                (array, required) A json array of json objects
         "txid":"id",      (string, required) The transaction id
         "vout":n,         (numeric, required) The output number
         "sequence":n      (numeric, optional) The sequence number
2. "outputs"               (array, required) a json array with outputs (key-value pairs)
      "address":,    (obj, optional) A key-value pair. The key (string) is the bitcoin address, the value (float or string) is the amount in BCH
      "data": "hex"        (obj, optional) A key-value pair. The key must be "data", the value is hex-encoded data
    ,...                     More key-value pairs of the above form. For compatibility reasons, a dictionary, which holds the key-value pairs directly, is also
                             accepted as second parameter.
3. locktime                  (numeric, optional, default=0) Raw locktime. Non-0 value also locktime-activates inputs


  "psbt"        (string)  The resulting raw transaction (base64-encoded string)


> bitcoin-cli createpsbt "[{\"txid\":\"myid\",\"vout\":0}]" "[{\"data\":\"00010203\"}]"

Bitcoin Cash Node Daemon version v22.2.0