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Bitcoin 0.3.13

Version 0.3.13 is now available. You should upgrade to prevent potential problems with 0/unconfirmed transactions. Note: 0.3.13 prevents problems if you haven't already spent a 0/unconfirmed transaction, but if that already happened, you need


  • Don't count or spend payments until they have 1 confirmation.
  • Internal version number from 312 to 31300.
  • Only accept transactions sent by IP address if -allowreceivebyip is specified.
  • Dropped DB_PRIVATE Berkeley DB flag.
  • Fix problem sending the last cent with sub-cent fractional change.
  • Auto-detect whether to use 128-bit 4-way SSE2 on Linux.

Gavin Andresen

  • Option -rpcallowip= to accept json-rpc connections from another machine.
  • Clean shutdown on SIGTERM on Linux.


(Thanks Laszlo for the Mac OSX build!)


The SSE2 auto-detect in the Linux 64-bit version doesn't work with AMD in 64-bit mode. Please try this instead and let me know if it gets it right:

You can still control the SSE2 use manually with -4way and -4way=0.

Version (SVN rev 161) has improvements for the case where you already had 0/unconfirmed transactions that you might have already spent. Here's a Windows build of it: