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scantxoutset JSON-RPC command

scantxoutset "action" [scanobjects,...]

EXPERIMENTAL warning: this call may be removed or changed in future releases.

Scans the unspent transaction output set for entries that match certain output descriptors.
Examples of output descriptors are:
    addr(<address>)                      Outputs whose scriptPubKey corresponds to the specified address (does not include P2PK)
    raw(<hex script>)                    Outputs whose scriptPubKey equals the specified hex scripts
    combo(<pubkey>)                      P2PK and P2PKH outputs for the given pubkey
    pkh(<pubkey>)                        P2PKH outputs for the given pubkey
    sh(multi(<n>,<pubkey>,<pubkey>,...)) P2SH-multisig outputs for the given threshold and pubkeys
    tok(<category>)                      Outputs containing tokens matching 32-byte hex <category>

In the above, <pubkey> either refers to a fixed public key in hexadecimal notation, or to an xpub/xprv optionally followed by one
or more path elements separated by "/", and optionally ending in "/*" (unhardened), or "/*'" or "/*h" (hardened) to specify all
unhardened or hardened child keys.
In the latter case, a range needs to be specified by below if different from 1000.
For more information on output descriptors, see the documentation in the doc/ file.


1. "action"                (string, required) The action to execute
                           "start" for starting a scan
                           "abort" for aborting the current scan (returns true when abort was successful)
                           "status" for progress report (in %) of the current scan
2. scanobjects             (json array, required) Array of scan objects
                           Every scan object is either a string descriptor or an object:
       "descriptor",       (string) An output descriptor
       {                   (json object) An object with output descriptor and metadata
         "desc": "str",    (string, required) An output descriptor
         "range": n,       (numeric, optional, default=1000) Up to what child index HD chains should be explored


  "unspents": [
    "txid" : "transactionid",     (string) The transaction id
    "vout": n,                    (numeric) the vout value
    "scriptPubKey" : "script",    (string) the script key
    "amount" :,             (numeric) The total amount in BCH of the unspent output
    "height" : n,                 (numeric) Height of the unspent transaction output
    "tokenData" : {               (json object optional)
      "category" : "hex",         (string) token id
      "amount" : "xxx",           (string) fungible amount (is a string to support >53-bit amounts)
      "nft" : {                   (json object optional)
        "capability" : "xxx",     (string) one of "none", "mutable", "minting"
        "commitment" : "hex"      (string) NFT commitment
  "total_amount" :,         (numeric) The total amount of all found unspent outputs in BCH
  "token_total_amount" : {...},   (json object optional) The total amount of each fungible token, by category id

Bitcoin Cash Node Daemon version v27.1.1-c71eb4a

Documentation on reflects the current master branch in Git, and may include API changes that are not yet present in the latest release.