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decoderawtransaction JSON-RPC command

decoderawtransaction "hexstring"

Return a JSON object representing the serialized, hex-encoded transaction.


1. "hexstring"    (string, required) The transaction hex string


  "txid" : "id",        (string) The transaction id
  "hash" : "id",        (string) The transaction hash
  "size" : n,             (numeric) The transaction size
  "version" : n,          (numeric) The version
  "locktime" : ttt,       (numeric) The lock time
  "vin" : [               (array of json objects)
       "txid": "id",    (string) The transaction id
       "vout": n,         (numeric) The output number
       "scriptSig": {     (json object) The script
         "asm": "asm",  (string) asm
         "hex": "hex"   (string) hex
       "sequence": n     (numeric) The script sequence number
  "vout" : [             (array of json objects)
       "value" :,            (numeric) The value in BCH
       "n" : n,                    (numeric) index
       "scriptPubKey" : {          (json object)
         "asm" : "asm",          (string) the asm
         "hex" : "hex",          (string) the hex
         "reqSigs" : n,            (numeric) The required sigs
         "type" : "pubkeyhash",  (string) The type, eg 'pubkeyhash'
         "addresses" : [           (json array of string)
           "12tvKAXCxZjSmdNbao16dKXC8tRWfcF5oc"   (string) Bitcoin Cash address
       "tokenData" : {           (json object optional)
         "category" : "hex",   (string) token id
         "amount" : "xxx",       (string) fungible amount (is a string to support >53-bit amounts)
         "nft" : {               (json object optional)
           "capability" : "xxx", (string) one of "none", "mutable", "minting"
           "commitment" : "hex"  (string) NFT commitment


> bitcoin-cli decoderawtransaction "hexstring"
> curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "decoderawtransaction", "params": ["hexstring"] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'

Bitcoin Cash Node Daemon version v27.0.1-7ef8bf2

Documentation on reflects the current master branch in Git, and may include API changes that are not yet present in the latest release.