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Bitcoin ABC 0.20.8

Bitcoin ABC version 0.20.8 is now available from:

This release includes the following features and fixes:

  • When running bitcoind without -daemon, logging to stdout is now the default behavior. Setting -printtoconsole=1 no longer implicitly disables logging to debug.log. Instead, logging to file can be explicitly disabled by setting -debuglogfile=0.
  • getlabeladdress has been removed and replaced with getaccountaddress until v0.21 at which time getaccountaddress will also be removed. To use getaccountaddress start bitcoind with the -deprecatedrpc=accounts option. See the v0.20.6 release notes for more details.


  • When fetching a transaction announced by multiple peers, previous versions of Bitcoin ABC would sequentially attempt to download the transaction from each announcing peer until the transaction is received, in the order that those peers' announcements were received. In this release, the download logic has changed to randomize the fetch order across peers and to prefer sending download requests to outbound peers over inbound peers. This fixes an issue where inbound peers can prevent a node from getting a transaction.


  • bitcoin-seeder no longer takes single letter parameter names. Please use the full length parameter names. See bitcoin-seeder -? for more information.
  • If the -?, -h, or -help options are used, bitcoin-seeder will now output its help message and then cease operation.
  • bitcoin-seeder can now be run on regtest using -regtest. See bitcoin-seeder -? --help-debug for more information about the -regtest option.
  • If options are given to bitcoin-seeder that are not recognizable it will output an error and then cease operation.