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This directory contains tools for developers working on this repository.

Provides utilities for managing copyright headers of The Bitcoin developers in repository source files. It has three subcommands:

./ report <base_directory> [verbose]
./ update <base_directory>
./ insert <file>

Running these subcommands without arguments displays a usage string.

Produces a report of all copyright header notices found inside the source files of a repository. Useful to quickly visualize the state of the headers. Specifying verbose will list the full filenames of files of each category.

Updates all the copyright headers of The Bitcoin developers which were changed in a year more recent than is listed. For example:

// Copyright (c) <firstYear>-<lastYear> The Bitcoin developers

will be updated to:

// Copyright (c) <firstYear>-<lastModifiedYear> The Bitcoin developers

where <lastModifiedYear> is obtained from the git log history.

This subcommand also handles copyright headers that have only a single year. In those cases:

// Copyright (c) <year> The Bitcoin developers

will be updated to:

// Copyright (c) <year>-<lastModifiedYear> The Bitcoin developers

where the update is appropriate.

Inserts a copyright header for The Bitcoin developers at the top of the file in either Python or C++ style as determined by the file extension. If the file is a Python file and it has #! starting the first line, the header is inserted in the line below it.

The copyright dates will be set to be <year_introduced>-<current_year> where <year_introduced> is according to the git log history. If <year_introduced> is equal to <current_year>, it will be set as a single year rather than two hyphenated years.

If the file already has a copyright for The Bitcoin developers, the script will exit.

A script to optimize png files in the bitcoin repository (requires pngcrush). and

Perform basic ELF security checks on a series of executables.

A script to check that the (Linux) executables produced by gitian only contain allowed gcc, glibc and libstdc++ version symbols. This makes sure they are still compatible with the minimum supported Linux distribution versions.

Example usage after a gitian build:

find ../gitian-builder/build -type f -executable | xargs python3 contrib/devtools/

If only supported symbols are used the return value will be 0 and the output will be empty.

If there are 'unsupported' symbols, the return value will be 1 a list like this will be printed:

.../64/test_bitcoin: symbol memcpy from unsupported version GLIBC_2.14
.../64/test_bitcoin: symbol __fdelt_chk from unsupported version GLIBC_2.15
.../64/test_bitcoin: symbol std::out_of_range::~out_of_range() from unsupported version GLIBCXX_3.4.15
.../64/test_bitcoin: symbol _ZNSt8__detail15_List_nod from unsupported version GLIBCXX_3.4.15

Run this script from the root of the source tree (src/) to find circular dependencies in the source code. This looks only at which files include other files, treating the .cpp and .h file as one unit.

Example usage:

cd <project root>/src
../contrib/devtools/ {*,*/*,*/*/*}.{h,cpp}